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Features and focus of the Intellectual Property Foresight Forum

The inaugural meeting of the IPFF was held in September 2007.  Attendees came from a number of Universities from within the UK and beyond including Aberdeen, Bournemouth, London, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Strathclyde.  The meeting involved a free-ranging discussion over people’s current and future research interests, the work of Ph.D candidates, thoughts on future potential collaborative initiatives, the search for common ground among the interests of participants, the possible roles of the Forum, and the role of the SCRIPT, the Arts and Humanities Research Centre at Edinburgh University as its coordinator.

It was agreed that the work of the Forum has both internally-facing features and externally-facing features:

External Aspects of the Forum:

Internal Aspects of the Forum:

The meeting identified a number of areas of common ground and possible future collaboration, including:

First Steps

In order to progress the IPFF, and building on a number of the suggestions made during the meeting, the following action was agreed:

Establish a presence for the Forum located on a neutral website to include information on the IPFF including its aims and objectives and incorporate a dynamic database for gathering and sharing data with respect to IP and media academics and their areas of expertise.  It will include an area for information on PhD students and their areas of study (this latter initiative building on that established by Lionel Bently at the Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law at the University of Cambridge). 

Investigate potential sources of funding for the formation of a collaborative PhD student research network and funding for PhD students;

Consider a funding application for an interdisciplinary empirical research project on web 2 technologies preceded by discussion based around a series of workshops:

(i) consumer/user based, behaviour
(ii) currently prevalent licences on networking sites
(iii) business models, including copyright payments to content owners and creators.

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